Monday, 4 June 2007

Final table for the two of us today

Both myself and Chr201034 made the final table in the 4.30 £1500 guaranteed, Chr finishing 6th and myself going out in 3rd. Both of us built up our stacks by some very good fortune, 55 v KK for me and 99 v QQ for Chr, both making a set. The final table was pretty dull to be fair, and I just sat back and watched people lose, including Chr201034, before being eliminated myself by some joker who was literally raising every hand. Earlier he raised to 2000, before someone else pushed all in for just 1500 more, him having to call 1500 to win about 7.5k. Very strange fold as he would have been left still comfortable had he called. The same bloke was to knock me out, myself raising on the button with A5, before he pushed all in. I was having none of it cos he was beginning to piss me off. Shame he had A10 and flopped 10 lol. £180 and £90 for our troubles, not too disappointed.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Agree with deno20

Last night for the first time ever I decided to buy into the $20k. After successfully getting up to 5000 chips, I ran into Hunter. Possibly the biggest joker around. After raising all in pretty much every hand I was tempted into calling with AQ. Unfortunately I ran into AK. This took me down to about 500 chips. I managed to get back up to 5000 though with JJ and 89 both hitting. I was then dealt JJ soon after. The flop showed 223 and with Hunter going all in, it was clear he was bluffing so I called. He turned over AK hitting the K on the river. A complete joker if ever I saw one. Finishing in the 50's all in all a bad night.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Some Real Fucking Jokers on This Fucking Site

What a fucking piece of shit, playing £2k guaranteed, get up to 2600 after 40 mins due to AQ, then in SB get dealt K7 clubs, button min raises and is clearly a steal, so i push in for 1850, he will be left with 500 woth blinds 75/150 so pretty much screwed, and to my amazement he FUCKING CALLS, with 9 10 off. HOW CAN HE JUSTIFY MAKING THAT CALL??? I have no fucking clue. Thats just plain awful, and im out when he hits 2 pair. There is jus no way he can make that call!!!

This site really does produce some proper cunts who have no idea how to play poker, and its really starting to piss me off.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Probably One of the worst $20k performances

I managed to qualify for the $20k in the 6.15 qualifier and got off to a slow start, remaining around my starting stack for the first hour. After the break things started to take off and I was up to 20k and chip leader thanks to hitting a set twice in a row, the second time with caller flopping a lower set, always good. Then AK suited, cut off raises to 1200, and holding AKh in BB, I push, and suprisingly he instantly calls his remaining 3500 with A9os, flop A 9!! What a fucking joker. Then possibly the WORST hand I have played in a long time. 10 10 in BB, Dewi in cut off raises 3x, and I flat call. I have 17k he has 10k, flop J 7 2, he bets 2k into 2400 pot. I believe Im ahead for some retarded reason. Turn 7, he pushes the rest of his stack, and for a reason that I cannot explain, I call. He shows QJ, oooops!!! Down to 6k with 45 left. Gone from chip leader to low stack in one hand. Shocker. I dont know how, but I manage to make the money and with 18 left I go from 4k to 21k in 3 hands. Then I push with Ak, and QQ calls, no improvement. Back to 13k. From there in it was uphill and I eventually went out with 99 v 1010 v KJ, not calling the police like I had hoped. Oh well, thats yet another cash in the $20k, I havent failed to make the money since it converted to the $20k in about 6 attempts. Suppose I should be happy. On a lighter note, poor Chr201034, he bubbled in the qualifier for the $20k and so had to sit and watch me instead lol. Doubt I will be playing much for a while, but knowing Chr he will be all over the $20k qualifiers every nite.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Cry Me A River

Absolutely awful day at the tables, 3 tournys in a row I got outdrawn on the river. Firstly I get KJ on button, raise 3X, BB calls, flop K J 9, he bets the pot and I believe he has Q, knowing he wouldnt bet if he already had the nuts. I push so as not to let him hit, but of course he calls with Q4, and what comes on the river?? 10. HAHA good start. Next I have 10 10, raise to 150, blinds 15/30, I get one caller, flop 2 4 8, not too shabby, until he pushes all in. Hmmmm, I think long and hard and then decide to call, he turns over AK, wot comes on the river?K. Finally I have AJ and call a 3X BB raise as Im on button, flop J 7 3, nice. I bet 500 into a 900 pot, he calls, turn 10, I fear the straight is imminent and in go the rest of my stack. He calls almost instantly with AQ??? river Q. Its days like these you want to give up the game, but depsite this I made a loss of only £33 today which wasn't too bad considering my luck. A few days off now, but you may see Chr201034 in the $20k at some point so good luck to him.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Another day, another final table

Played three tournaments today, the $20k qualifier at 3pm, again successfully winning a seat, a £1500 guaranteed £20 where I played poo and the 1200 EURO guaranteed, in which I managed a 4th finish although I was leading for most of the tourny. Decisive hand I have A4 clubs BB, aggressor raises UTG 3x and I call. Flop brings 2 7 8, 2 clubs. I decided to push, as I put him on overcards and push! He calls also with flush draw Kc 10c. turn 10, im out!! Good for £85 and im slowly creeping back up the leaderboard. Hopefully another $20k tonite will improve my position even more.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I thought we would give everyone else a chance to make the $20k final table tonite, so decided to not play and to watch the football instead!! Good luck everyone, we will be back